Recommended excursions
Short excursions: mountain hut S. Marco, high altitude trail under Marmarole mountains, Forcella
piccola and mountain hut Galassi.
Medium excursions: Forc. Grande and Slataper bivouac, Val di San Vito, lower Antelao glacier,
Forc. Salvella, to the town of San Vito di Cadore and its immediate surroundings.
Long excursions: Somadida firest, Voltolina and Val di Mezzo bivouac, Pile waterfall, Val d’Oten,
Val Vanedel, the vast conifer woods on the other side of the Boite Valley.
Rings / circuits of mountain groups:
with an overnight stay in another refuge along the route, you can make tours of the Sorapìss
group, the Western Marmarole, the Antelao, the Pelmo, the complete tour of the Marmarole or
the Rocchette group. Croda da Lago-Averau would require 2/3 nights elsewhere.
Climbing: the most popular are the normal routes to the peaks Marcora, Sorapìss, Torre dei
Sabbioni, Bel Prà, Scotter via Passo del camoscio (or even just Passo del camoscio) and
Antelao. Less frequented are numerous other routes on the aforementioned mountains and
routes on less known but no less beautiful peaks, such as Caccia Grande, Tre sorelle, Costa Bel
Prà, Corno del Doge, Croda de Marchi, Cima Bastioni, la Tajola, Alba Maria, Punta Dina, Torrione
S.Vito, Torrione Salvella and other minor points of Antelao.
Vie ferrate: Berti, Vandelli and the upper Antelao glacier.
Crags: not far from the refuge there is the sport climbing gym called “La zopa”, which has good
rock and medium-difficult pitches.
Dolomites Alte Vie near the refuge: n ° 3 (via dei camosci), n ° 4 (via di Grohmann), n ° 5 (via di