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For snowshoes and ski mountaineering lovers, the refuge is part of the “Cadore Kingdom of
snowshoes” circuit. It can be reached from the “Sun Bar” hut along the forest road.
Below is a video film of about 14 minutes explaining: CADORE: KINGDOM OF SNOWSHOES>

In addition, on Tuesday evenings after 5 pm, from the Epiphany (subject to ordinance),
the ascent on mountaineering skis and snowshoes is also allowed along the ski slopes
(Donariè-Tambres-Serpentina). On this evening the refuge remains open and offers a bar –
restaurant service (reservation is recommended), sometimes with music and themed menu.
The route to follow on Tuesday evenings, both for ski mountaineering and for snowshoes, is as
follows: Pista Donari̬ РРPiani di Tambres РРSerpentina slope, starting from 5 pm until midnight.